I recently got an Ibanez S-320 and I have some questions for the knowledgable people on this forum.

Ok, so believe it or not it is the first time i've ever had an fr style trem and I followed the instructions in the manual and on this site in setting it up. I play dropped one whole step down with my band so I had to adjust the spring tension:

So question 1:
I'm not sure what gauge the strings are that came with it, they look like 9g however. What kind of problems would I have playing on 9g strings dropped one whole step? Should I go to 10g or maybe even 11g?

Question 2:
The trem seems to move slightly when I bend the strings, so if I am bending one string and playing another it goes out of tune slightly, is there any way to remedy this?

Question 3:
What are the advantages and disadvantages of removing the stop bar in the bar to make the trem fully floating?

Thanks in advance, also the input jack seems to move around slightly. Is it loose or am I just being paranoid? Haha.
Your strings are going to buzz alot, not because of the trem, but because of you playing a step down.

#1 Solution: buy a heavier gauge string. 10g would do it, although I play 11's xD.

#2 Solution: This is normal.

#3 Solution: You have to up your string tension or the trem will not be at perfect float, so... tighten up your springs?

#4 Input jack is probable comming out. Not a big deal, it's just annoying.

Good Luck
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well i would go for 10g to be safe, for numbah 2, i have no idea, u can look at my sig for my guitar, and it goes out of tune faster if u take the bar out, but its much easier to dive bomb.
1.I use 12's for a step down in D. But 11's will work fine. The 9's would do it, but they will be flimsy.
2. No way to stop that unless you block the trem.
3.Its all up to what you want to do with the whammy.
4.You can tighten up the jack very easy.
Easier to dive bomb? So you mean it would be easier to press the arm down? Because at the moment it seems pretty stiff, but its also very very responsive.

As far as the input jack goes, i'd like to tighten it but I cant actually get at it. haha