Hey guys, I currently own an ESP LTD M-50 which I know is pretty crappy and am wondering if I should upgrade to a Fender Standard Stratocaster from my friend who has one that is fairly new and 50$ in exchange for my used 40 gig PS3. Both are valued at 399.99 but as we all know, electronic equipment go way down when used. I play mainly metal such as Metallica and punk so I am wondering if I should take up this deal.
Strat for Metal?


Punk maybe. But you need humbuckers for any serious metal.
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They put Humbuckers in their strats

any way, get the Strat, simply because strats are sweet, and they'll do well for punk
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and yngwie

Neither of which use the amount of distortion one would use to play metal like Metallica.
Just because Yngwie shreds, that does not mean strats can play metal.

TS, if it's an HSS strat, it should be fine for 'tallica and great for punk. Otherwise, you might want to hold off on it.
ESP LTD M-50 isn't crap.
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