So im looking at getting a distortion pedal because im tired of the overdrives my line 6 is producing. Ive come down to these two pedals and havent a got a real good chance to play both of them through my amp, but in you guys humble opinion which do you like better? I play a wide range from blues classic rock to heavy metal, so they would obviously have to fit the bill, but which one does it better?
what line 6 are you using now?

i believe the ratt is considered more of a classic distortion.. i'm not sure what that might mean to you.. personally never tried one myself.

The MXR distortion i think has a bit more distortion on it but also might still have more of that older school sound.

try them both out and see what you like best with your amp.

and again.. what line6 are you using?
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Im using the Spider II amp, i know its got a nasty rep around here, point is i dont have the money for a new tube amp like i want, so i need to make do with what i have. Ive seen a lot of you tube videos of people getting great tone from the spider with the aid of another pedal, so thats my plan for now.

The old school sound is fine with me, i dont play much nu-metal crap anyways, as long as it can do Black album metallica is fine with me, but like i said it should be versatile to do AC/dc, van halen, etc.
well i'm sure you'll get a lot of "save your money and just buy a tube amp" and i'd be inclined to agree..

but i know what it like to be short on cash so its a tough call.

one side is that you could buy the pedal and then when you get a new amp down the road.. you'd still have the pedal and could use it for that too.

or if you sell the spider, and save your pedal money.. you could get an amp in similar quality like a cube or vox VT.

depending on what you're doing (gigging, recording, just foolin around) both are kind of a short term solution so i'd actually just say stick with what you have and wait for a better amp to come around.
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just for the record, i was watching a video on youtube yesterday and i was like, wow thats a pretty good clean tone. turned out it was a spider.

anyway, just go try out some pedals on a similar amp at the store, if you like any of them, get them, but i dont foresee you liking any of them.
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Yea, the whole saving cash at this point is easier said than done, but investing in a good pedal means i can always use it with whatever else down the line. And yes, there are plenty of good sounds locked in that Spider amp, you just gotta know how to EQ it because its different than a regular amp.

That aside, i still would like a better sounding overdrive.
I've used the Rat a fair bit and I think it would suit your needs. It is a very versatile pedal.
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i can never trust youtube videos as far as sound demos go..

i've heard 5150s, ENGL fireballs, jcm800's, and even just plain old acoustics sound like crap on youtube videos.. if someone manages to get a good tone on youtube recording with their camera mic.. i usually chalk it up to luck.
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I have an MXR Distortion+ stored in a drawer, and a Rat on my pedal board. SO I vote for the Rat.
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I have an MXR Distortion+ stored in a drawer, and a Rat on my pedal board. SO I vote for the Rat.

I've played both, & own an old Rat. The MXR unit is not bad at all, but the Rat has more adjustability & a bit smoother tone IMO.
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