I'm looking for easy guitar songs if anyone could help me with some songs.
I'm really really love maiden acdc led zep and some crue i love classic rock songs a lot.
Some of the songs i already know and can play
Dream on
Flash of blades
Stair way to heaven
Dance of death

I need some help with another easy song in my kinda music genre.
Thanks tons and rock on

My guitar is a 1976 Gibson S-1 maple wood base cherry neck

I'm also a new person only have been playing for 3 months not fast enough for solos but im working on them I'm "gifted" my dad says i have fingers made for this which is bull but im up for easy to easy/intermedish type of songs
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rock n roll damnation by acdc is pretty cool, but still pretty easy
blue sky by allman bros, its gonna take you some work, but youll probaly be able to handle it
sunshine of your love by cream
sweet emotion by aerosmith isnt too hard
come together by the beatles is easy, by aerosmith its a tad harder but still pretty easy
thanks eberg but i'm also looking for songs with no distortion etc just plain regular sounding guitar in regular tuning i know that theres some sort of change to the guitar in sweet emotion at the beginning don't know if its through the whole song or not is what im trying to get at.

oh and also i tried playing walk this way yet the tune on my guitar sounded off compared to the song its tuned maybe just my guitar doesn't sound the same as his? I'm not sure on that if some guitars sound differently than other while them being both tuned the same.
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Pretty much everything by Nirvana, Self Esteem by the Offspring, but there's long breaks in the playing... um, Dying in your arms by trivium. Also, some stuff by Red Hot Chili Peppers, like Otherside and Scar Tissue.
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Sweet Child o Mine - GNR

One - Metallica

Enter Sandman - Metallica

Good, easy songs that are common among beginers.
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lol you were kidding with black star im guessing ive tried sweet child of mine im not one to follow the rules of how its done i did the intro my own way more comfortable not fast though so that was a fail for me ill try one or enter sand man ill check which i like more
Smoke on the Water, Iron Man, Paranoid, Enter Sandman, One, Walk (If you can find the right tab), and every Fall Out Boy song.
Black sabbath- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Megadeath- Symphony of Destruction
Slayer- Dead Skin Mask
Deep Purple- Smoke on the Wather
Black Sabbath- Paranoid
AC/DC- Highway to Hell
Richie Valens- La Bamba
Black Sabbath- Iron Man
Santana- Black Magic Woman

thats all i can think of
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