Jammin' out there, aren'tcha?

You retained a pretty close relationship to his voice, but with a spin of your own as well.
i enjoyed :]
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Your finger picking is in good time and consistant, which can be a little tricky with that song... I know cause i've tried it!

Your voice is less refined, but once you get in to the chorus it smooths out a little better or maybe it's the recording.

Can you check out my alkaline trio cover?
Too much gain = Ears in pain
The guitar is perfect, which is probably my favorite part of this cover.
The vocals are a little sloppy, but you were on key for the most part. Work on your dynamics when singing, because this was pretty flat.

Overall, just fix those two things. Good cover.
The guitar playing is excellent, but you need to work on your voice more. Many notes were off pitch, and you just sounded bored. Keep up the awesome guitar playing though.