I went into FL Studios and two hours later came out with this little thing. I got the title by clicking around Wikipedia.

On my profile, the song called Friðrik Þór Friðriksson. Repetitive in the beginning but changes about a minute in.
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very weak drums. Very repetitve and lacking in interest. All of your ideas are pretty generic, bland and stationary. You need development. The noise interludes are simply annoying, many would turn the track off at that point. Don't konw what to say just try to come up with more interesting rhythm, melody and harmony perhaps. cheers

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i agree with the princess, its pretty generic a repetive. But the middle section is really cool, i really liked the effect. But the rest of it needs to be a little more interesting.

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This is why FL sucks.. all the instruments sound incredibly cheesy. I think the noise part is alright actually, but yeah its pretty rudimentary as far as programming synth and drums goes. Keep working with it, though, and introduce some samples, they really work to breathe life into anything electronic.