One reason why I don't plug in is because I am unsatisfied with my sound, my 'tone'.
It isn't my amp, it is me. I've pulled some nice sounds out of the amp, but it had to be on those 'magic' settings that I always seem to miss writing down.
To make plugging in more appealing, I need to know what all the settings mean (its an Ibenez amp, no effects) I tried sitting down and going through every possible combination, and learned some neat stuff, but I still lack understanding as to what each nob is supposed to mean. anyone mind enlightening me?
Might someone show me this amp thread?

the knobs are the standard stuff. Mid, Tone, Bass, Treble, Master, Volume
Okay, Treble. Treble is like the poppy sound that comes out of your guitar. Bass is the low sound, that comes out of a bass guitar. Tone is basically your "tone," how much of the settings come out. Mid is somewhat similar to tone. Volume, how loud the amp is, and I think master would be the amount of gain or distortion.

If you have an Ipod, go to settings, and music EQ, and turn on Bass Booster and then turn on Treble Booster and you'll get a good feeling of what Bass and Treble sound like.

Hope that helped.
I've a feeling your amp isn't all that great, you'd probably be better off looking towards a new one.

There's not much point asking people what the knobs do - if you do that then what you tend to do is accept what people say and stop trying to hear what they do for yourself. Experiment with them and listen to what they do yourself, hear what difference changing things makes and figure out what sounds good to YOU.

Your ears aren't used to analysing sounds down to this level of detail, it's going to take them time to get good at it but you're going to have to work this kind of stuff out for yourself. If you don't make the effort to use your ears and improve your listening skills then they'll never get any better, might as well start now.
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No offense, Seagull, but l have tried that. It is why I am asking for assistance in understanding. I'm sure I'll get it, and I will no doubt continue messing with the knobs, just wanted some enlightenment.