Hey, I need to find some way to boost a signal (nothing huge). Basically, I'm looking for some sort of headphone amp that must:

1. Plug into the wall
2. Be somewhat small (as in, portable)
3. Do nothing to change the tone, I just need a boost in volume
4. Either 1/4th or 3.5mm input/output, preferably 3.5mm though.

Any advice?
Are you looking for headphones that plug into your guitar directly? If so then they don't plug into a wall.

As for price wise:

Cheap: Nady HP 03

Medium(I have these...they are good) : Sony MDR-7506

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No, I'm just looking for amplification, no headphones. Basically what I'm trying to do is strange. My setup is guitar -> wah pedal -> PodXT -> Boss RC-2 -> PA/Headphones.

I just got the RC-2, and although the PodXT can amplify the signal to a very usable volume for headphones, the RC-2 starts to clip if I put that loud of a signal into it. Basically, I'm trying to amplify my guitar with the PodXT to a volume the Boss RC-2 can handle, them amplify it some more to listen to with headphones.

It works fine with a PA at the end, since that has amplification built in, but for the headphones, the the volume is hardly audible without amplification after the RC-2 (without it clipping). What I can do is plug the RC-2 into an amplifier (not guitar amplifier, just normal old amplifier) and plug headphones into that, and it sounds great! However, I can't exactly lug around my big home stereo amplifier, so I want a portable version, with a power cord.
doesnt the pod have a headphone jack?
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Yes, the pod does have a headphone jack, but the problem is that when fully amplify the signal via the Pod, the RC-2 can't take that much volume and begins to clip.