I am terrible playing in time, it is my biggest flaw of my guitar playing. How should i practice getting better at this?!?!?! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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You're going to have to relearn alot, playing in time is meant to be a big foundation of guitar playing.

But yeah, Metronome is the best bet.
Don't only use online ones, get a proper one.
Whenever I use an online one i get distracted and start going to other sites.
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Either get a physical metronome- it shouldn't cost you more than $30- or buy something like a Korg Px4 or Line 6 POD 2.0 and play through your headphones (both have metronomes AND drum simulators).
if you do have a foot...tap it, and if for some reason you don't have a foot, well there's a metranome

Theres a downloadable metronome, just make sure your not running any programs at the same time cause then youll miss beats..its what i use

and if you dont like the regular metronome you can download this one too, its a drum machine kinda metronome..works fine just like the other one

oh and yeah use a metronome to play on beat
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try and play with other people as well
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This is an interesting one. One of my books said that playing in time is one of the hardest things to learn. I think experience leads to the ability to be able to play in time, that is, "knowing" the timing of the song intimately and having the technical ability to be able to play whatever it is you're trying to play in the timing of the song.

I reckon many bands and individuals struggle with this one. Just look at some Audioslave performances or gigs - sometimes they struggle to "sync" with one another. Also Nirvana - often Kurt had to have a steady beat from Dave as seen on the acoustic NY DVD.

This is where the drummer and bassist are really important, particularly so the drummer. If he's out then everything will be out. If he/she's on it, the bassist can be on it and the guitarist can go crazy over the top. That equals a good band :P
when practicing alone use a metronome. and try jamming with a good drummer
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Memorise the song, fully. And I mean FULLY. Memorise when the intro starts, ends, verse, everything you can find in a song. When you are done memorising, go for it.
play with a matronome or jam with a drummer.
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