I've been looking around and I constantly see new threads popping up asking what type of distortion to get and for what type of sounds so I decided to finally make a thread to answer all of these questions.

Should I Get Distortion?:

-The plain answer for this is yes, unless your amp already has the feature. I personally prefer having the distortion pedal so that I can switch between clean and distorted tone instantly for a song or whenever.

-Also with a pedal you can control the distortion a lot more and play around with it, making more specific sounds. There are many different types of distortions out there but there are three basic ones: SS Distortion, Tube Distortion, and OD. All of these can be found either on the amp or in a separate pedal.

SS Distortion:

-This type of distortion is usually modeled after something. All this is doing is cutting off the signal of the guitar and it gives it the bite it now has. There are tons of these types of effect pedals out there, and they can create almost any sound you want and works on just about any amp. Here are a few pedals that I recommend if there is no distortion already on your amp.

-Digitech Metal Master:
This Gives you multiple distortion models to play around with and also allows you to adjust each one as if they were a separate pedal.

-Boss D1:
This is nice and cheap and gives off a great sound. This is another pedal where you can modify it and get a lot of different sounds out of it, especially for the price

-FAB Metal:
This pedal gives out a decent sound for its price. It is convenient because of its super cheap price, but it also gives out a sound that has a very dirty tone and can give the the heaviest of sounds.

Tube Distortion:

This is usually the best sounding distortion of them all. It is usually found on a amp, but a few companies have decided to stick it on a pedal to give solid state amp owners a chance to get this great sound. Instead of using modeling on solid state circuitry it takes the guitars natural tone and sends it through a tube in order to boost it and give it a great sound, these are also usually the most expensive. This is the best choice of distortion, and it can also be found in the form of a tube amp with overdrive which takes us to the next type of distortion.

-Damage Control Demonizer:
This pedal is one of the best out there. It gives the distortion a smooth sound so that you can play a screaming lead on it while leaving enough crunch to create the heaviest sounds imagined.

-Blackstar Tube Distortion:
This is a great pedal and it is made by a company that gives amazing tone. This gives a rough and smooth effect to the sound of your guitar as it runs through your amp.

-Ibanez TK999HT Tube King:
This pedal gives you a great sound that adds a overdrive effect to your guitar and if wanted it can do much much more.


-This is the use of a pedal that takes your guitars tone and super boosts it through the amp. Overdrive pedals only work though on Tube amps, making them usually a bad choice for beginners. There are SS distortion pedals that have similar sounds to overdrive pedals with out the use of a tube amp. Using the correct overdrive and amp combination, you can get great lead sounds that are smooth with a hint of distortion, all the way to the point of complete amp destruction.

-Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9:
This is one of the most recognizable pedals out there today. It gives a very warm sounds and will boost you tone the best of what I've tried.

-Boss SD-1:
Made by a reliable company, this pedal gives a nice punch to your guitar tone. This is also a great pedal because it is cheap, but it will not give you the same tone as more expensive pedals.

-FAB Overdrive:
This pedal is a good bang for your buck. It is very cheap and for the sound that it gives you it is well worth it. Again though, it doesn't compete with the more expensive pedals.

If you have any questions, just post them below then.
this thread is potential win. very helpful good job.
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Holy **** that is the single funniest thing I've ever heard, thanks grimguitarist91, hats off to you good sir.

I wish I would have seen this a while ago. Woulda helped a lot. I ended up getting a Boss DS-1. You should also post this in the electric guitar forum as well.