Hey I'm 16 and play mostly All That Remains and Killswitch Engage. I'm interested in metal and would like to have a sound similar to All That Remains. My gear right now is an Epiphone Special SG ($180) and a Line 6 Spider III Amp 120 watts ($300)

Guitar link: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-SGSpecial-Electric-Guitar?sku=517239

Amp Link: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Line-6-Spider-III-120-Stereo-Combo-Amplifier?sku=482271

I've been playing for 6 years and am very experienced however my gear is lacking. I'm willing to spend about $700 on a guitar, not sure about an amp. But I would like very good equipment. I don't want to spend a low amount of money on a slightly better guitar/amp and than buy another one in a few years. So please reply with suggestions on what I should do. Thanks.
I'd much rather play a $700 guitar through a $300 amp then a $180 guitar through a $700 amp.
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keep saving up. you can get a very decent guitar for around $700, and a very decent amp around $700.
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If I purchase a guitar, I will save money to soon after get a good amp.. or the other way around. I'm not sure which I should get first. Also suggestions on what I should get.. Preferences on music = metal.
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I'd much rather play a $700 guitar through a $300 amp then a $180 guitar through a $700 amp.

For me its the exact opposite

TS, I think you should upgrade your amp before you upgrade your guitar because tone comes from the amp more than the guitar.
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For me its the exact opposite


me too.

i'd rather play and epi special through a nice amp than a nice guitar through a spider.
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Any suggestions on good amps for metal would be? Also willing to spend about $700.
you could get a used 5150 for that or less.
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Yes, upgrade your amp first, look into maybe a used Peavey 5150/6505. I'm pretty sure those are the amps that All That Remains uses?
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Definitely new amp>new guitar.

The majority of your tone comes from your amp, so although you may be playing on a cheap guitar a new amp will improve your tone a lot!

As far as recommendations for an amp - be a little more specific as to what type of metal you are playing (each genre has a different staple tone), are you willing to go used or are you a strictly "new gear" type of person, and how big does it have to be - are you just using it for bedroom practice, a band practice/jam session here or there, or will you be playing an arena tour next week?
For genre of metal = metalcore. As I said before, any sound similar to that of All That Remains or Killswitch Engage would be great. I would probably want near gear over used. For size, I would want it to be loud enough to play over drums. My Line 6 Spider III 120 watt can barly do that. Spider 3 seems fine for bedroom practice but once it is turned up, there is terrible feedback. Would be used about twice a week for band practice and just when i'm playing at home
well understand that your spider is a solid state, and solid states sound a lot less loud than tubes- nor can they cut through the mix as well

Go for a used Krank or a used peavey 5150. Perhaps a used Ampeg Vh-140c or SS-140c?
Yea, A lot of people have been suggesting Peavy 5150. Any others I should look into?
On your budget, and for the stuff you want to play, the 5150/ 6505 is your best choice IMO, that is if you'll go used. My 5150 is 11 years old, a bit beat up but it still sounds amazing.
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