Well I'll start out saying that I play bass. I didn't see a "header" for the topic of P.A.'s so I'll try it here for now. The group of guys I usually play music with mainly use acoustics and I play my electric bass. We are going to start playing with electrics a little more and also a drummer. One guitar player has a Fender, probably about a 60 watt tube amp, the other 2 have smaller amps around 20 to 40 watts. My amp is a Fender Bassman 250/210. We need to get a P.A. for vocals only. We don't play real loud because the 2 smaller amps won't keep up with the 65w plus we're all old and fat playing classic rock. We don't play "out", mainly at home or maybe at small jam sessions. We're not familiar with P.A.'s so I thought I'd ask about a couple smaller systems that I've seen on some of the music sites. I don't want a big expensive one because as I stated earlier, we don't gig, just mainly have jam sessions. I seen some budget systems made by Phonics. Has anyone on here ever used any Phonics pa systems?
Again, we only want a system for vocals, probably 2 mics(sigers).
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it wouldn't cut it for gigging they never do it be good for jamming at home and being kinda like monitors and stuff but those kits never do the trick for a couple reasons. the mixers are usually very lacking in inputs and if ur thinking of getting a drummer to play with and need to mic the drums this wont work at all but again if ur not gigging u wont need the drums miced. The speakers are usually very quiet in these sets to they just arent im not sure why. its a good starter set for practice but if ur thinking about gigging at all get at least a 10 channel unpowered mixer with unpowered speakers of a decent size and handling and then power amps in between and as little amount of cord as u can away with in between it all. its pricier but in the long run its worth it. plus ur guitarists may upgrade and get louder lol mine did and we needed a new pa system lol
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For vocals in a jam session, either one would do. I'd go for the bigger one, though.
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