I got a lot of extra cash at x-mas and I feel like splurging on something nice for my bass. I saw these http://www.juststrings.com/drs-sib5-45.html and http://www.juststrings.com/drs-mr5-bk-45.html and I thought it would be cool to have like a black-white-black-white-black pattern going on, but if i'm going to spend that much money on strings, does anyone know if they really are "extra-life"? If I get these I want to know that they are going to last a good while. Thanks for any help.
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if there anything like the elixir coated strings they'll last a decent amount of time. keeps all the crap out that comes from ur sweaty dirty fingers and keeps them sounding nice and new for a while... even tho ive noticed if u play with a pick coated strings actually get the coating frayed around ur picking area and dulls the sound a little bit.
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some people don't like coated strings (like myself)

but u might like those.

Its all opinion, the only way you'll know for you if if you try them
In my opinion i think its a waste of money, those strings are really expensive and most people dont like coated strings, go try some before you buy them.