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I'm A Cowboy Now

Don't let the tender feelings
of past entries
fool you.
No, I'm a man quick to laugh
and slow to care otherwise.
It's just that I've
been on the run for far too long,
enduring the hell and high water
that is the
broken relationships
with broken people
and even fate itself.
Truth be told, I'm
still afraid of what my father says to me.
He has this
tone in his voice
that just pushes me around,
makes me wait on him.

I can wait.
But Daisy won't.
And neither will the rent.
You're only as good as what you do
when the **** hits the fan.
when the law hits the bottle
and leaves you suspended
in anarchy.
So when trouble came to town
I put on my cowboy hat,
rolled up my sleeves and said
"Don't you talk to me like that again
or I'll whip your ass."

Nobody Wants Me and I'm too Good for Heaven

Its time.
time for a new sight to take advantage of.
No clue where im off to,
but my bags are packed,
three pairs of jeans, my favorite shirts,
a sweatshirt, two packs of reds,
a tin of straight, and some brand new old spice
my mom sent to me.
Hopefully that will get me through
the bus ride down,
or up.
depending on the money.

I could flip a coin to decide,
but that seems to normal,
and I never wanted that.
So instead I'll reach into the fridge,
miller lite means north,
mich golden means south.
looks like im heading north,
good thing to,
cause I don't think they could handle me down south.
And I'm out the door.

They can take my truck but they can't have my pride,
looks like I've got a long walk ahead,
and a long ride with strangers,
in strange american automobiles,
in stranger parts of the country.

There's alot of interesting people at the bus stop though,
like the hobo with more self respect than
any man I've had the pleasure of meeting,
or the Hooker with three diseases,
and a coat made of the finest furs,
and God right now I want them all.

Ya know, She probably loved someone once,
she might have given him everything,
she might have stole his money,
but im sure it was just out of love,
and to make him feel more manly.
She's probably real interesting to talk to,
but I don't have enough to say to her,
Maybe I could make her love me,
and we could run away together,
like a modern day cliche,
and roll into a hazy minnesota sunrise,
or maybe i could just give her a twenty,
and we wouldn't have to wait as long.
There goes my imagination running off again.

One more phone call before I'm gone,
"Hey its me, you know what to do."
Hey baby, I just wanted to let you know
I'm leaving this God forsaken town and
I'm never, never, coming back.
Not for you, not for my family, not even
for my dog. I'll call you from a payphone when I hit the border,
And if you answer I don't know what I'll say,
I'll probably just breakdown and turn around,
but you wouldn't want that so goodbye, for now,
for good, for ever. Enjoy your life. I still love you
It's always the same.

"Honey It's time for dinner!!"
**** my life. Can't men even
pretend to run away anymore.