Is it true that effect pedals strip away a guitars tone? I already own a DS-1, but I was thinking about buying a Double MUFF, a chorus pedal, and a Chromatic tuner, plus my amp already has a Footswitch, but I'm afraid that if I hook all these up at once, my guitar tone will be stripped.

So, what if I just used my Double MUFF, Footswitch, and the Chromatic Tuner? Will the tone still be stripped?
I'm pretty sure thats only certain pedals, I think the ones with true bypass or whatever people call it will let you keep your tone in tact
buffered bypass (bad buffered bypass, there are some really good buffered out there) will suck your tone
a.k.a. most digitech/boss/beringer/almost everything cheap will be buffered, and most will be very badly buffered, to where it sucks your tone
one of these pedals doesn't do much, but a whole line can be devastating
electroharmonix/mxr/some maxon/a lot of boutique pedals are true bypass
i would get something different than the double muff if your looking for the muff sound
i would recommend
-ehx little big muff
-ehx small clone
-boss tu-2 (oh no is buffered, if you really care you can pass) or i've heard both the planet waves tuner pedal and the korg pitchblack are other good option
and your amp footswitch won't harm anything, because its not in the chain
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