I only have an acoustic as i cant aford an electric and amp, etc right now, in about a month, well thats different, and another post for it....

i cant do bar chords on my acoustic for VERY high action, and it is a vintige, and my grandmothers guitar, which was signed by a guitarist, whos name i cannot read, but i do not wanna mess with the strings or anything...it is a gibson, but i do not know what year....

any advice would be acceptable

i believe its an older version of this

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well push down harder. I guess you could use your middle finger to help compensate for the lack of necessary muscle in your pointer finger.

It’s a lot harder to do bar chords on acoustic guitars, and harder still on those with high action. There is no easy quick fix for this (other than altering the action).

Just practice the full bar business for 5 min every day-Then you'll be good to go on any guitar ever made (assuming that you aren’t just whining and the action is truly higher than normal)
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Practice Practice Practice. You can make it easier on yourself by making alterations to the action but you said you want to avoid any of that. I'd recommend taking it to a professional if you don't want to screw anything up.
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