ok so I'm going to make this very simple to understand and hope for the same in return as I have not a clue when it comes to cabs/speakers/ohms/wiring stuff.

ok I have a 1960bv cab that has the switch in the middle of the two inputs on the back. I want all 4 speakers to be running at the same time. Which position does the switch need to be in? which input should I be plugged into? can I use four 8 ohm speakers? thanx
All speakers are always running at the same time on cabs, the plug that you will use depends on the amp's ohm, and it must be the same. For example, if you use the 8 ohm plug in back of your amp, you wire the cable into the 8 ohm plug in the back of the cab. Simple.
but what about the stereo/mono inputs? sorry forgot to mention that the two input jacks on the cab are stereo/mono switching.
I think stereo is for when you use 2 cabs and mono 1 cab. I'm not sure of this tho
Stereo amps/heads can use the stereo connections. Other (normal) amps use the mono. Either can be wired to any amount of speakers. Some have switches built into the jacks that alter the circuit depending on the switch position allowing 1x4 for mono or 2x2 for stereo, some just use 1x2 for the mono position.
Google it, the info is out there.

You need to know what W you head is rated at (power output) and match speakers to that (or more).
You also need to know what impedance your head is rated at to match the speakers. If it's 8ohms you can wire 4 speakers to parallel + series wiring to half then double the ohms back to 8 but you need to know what number you need in the first place.

By trying to make your post simple to understand you've missed out vital information that is needed to help you.
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