Right, well i'm 18 today (bit of a weird thought) and i've not got an amp so there in lies the problem. I've decided that i want something fender for the cleans as i play country, jazz and fingerpicking on my telecaster. My price range is about up to £350. I've looked into the Blues Junior. Anyone have any opinions? I was planning on getting a distortion pedal with it because the distortion is pretty weak so suggestions on that would be cool. I've looked into a Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde. So yes any help will be greatly accepted! Cheers
Approx 500 bucks for a fender clean amp with an overdrive?

Well... the blues junior is really right up your alley. To overdrive it I'd suggest the digitech hardwire tube overdrive.


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Cool. Yeah theres one in a local music shop so i'm going to check it out. Any other suggestions for distortion?
I've managed to find a blues junior for £50 cheaper but its b-stock. Is it worth paying the extra £50 for a new amp or save my cash?