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My project.

funking up some instrumental alt-rock with trip hop and post-rock influences. A bucket full of groovy wierdness.


Two free albums to download!
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I'd say as a general overall genre just tell people alt-rock, I like the NiN vibe, sweet music man
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I don't know if i could choose a genre for your music but i really like it.
you could always make up a genre by just throwing other genres together, like post-industrial-acid-rock.
Thanks for the comments guys, I'm sorta glad its hard to put in a genre

What would you say could be improved? - I mean personally, I think i need to spend more time on my recording and actually thinking about the composure would you agree, because i cant help but think they sound quite 'messy' - and not in a good way.

(both of these tracks were done in about 30minutes with a single take for each instrument! A lot of it is improvised - I'm really impatient!)

Thanks for all the comments people!
Bumpy Mcbump.

I've uploaded another, heavier track for those that like that sort of thing. Its called spiders (same link)

Please let me know your thoughts! At a track a night im going to have a full album in no time lol.
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Yeah its like a dark trip-hope bassline with some heavy guitars thrown on top.

Again, anything that can be improved for my next recording? I'd love some drums but i don't know any drummers!

I may try and get another one done tonight, and also i've got tommorow free to do nothing but record, so hopefully something will come out of it. Again, any comments or criticsm is gladly appreciated.

Please give feedback on all the tracks if not possible? - Is there variation but again a consistent feel, so you can tell its the same band? - I worry about this a lot.

New track - A bit more Trip-Hop ish sort of thing going on with this one.

This one is called Find Your Machine - which i'll call my first EP i think

Hope you enjoy, as always comments are appreciated especially critiscm!
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very "viby" i would say (aka) good as fo rgenre... alt. is the only one close enough for me to say thats in there but it comes close to some but not really for one reason or another. like psychadelic, surf rock-ish, 2 tone? i just dont know.
I assume you mean the heavily distorted guitar, not the low drone? I'll tone it down in the future then Would you say the levels are ok for everything else? and other tracks? I play back using my headphones and on my big speaker system, there is a lot of bass, but i worry it doesn't come out on others speakers.

I think i'd do more of a post rock ambient sort of thing if i could get real drums, which would be interesting i think. For Find Your Machine i actually quite like the drums, but i hate them on my other tracks.
New Track Up on

Its an ambient, soft post-rocky sort of track, a bit different. Its a ROUGH draft mind, i wont have time to finish it tonight, but i'll post it anyway. Again, any comments, appreciation, critiscm is welcomed.

I experimented, and was very loose with this track, i wanted it to feel 'spacey' its not very structured, if you listen you'll see what i mean.

The track is called 'Echoes Stir.'

Dan - Last Romantic
So, after hearing 'Find Your Machine', 'Spiders', and 'Echoes Stir', I would say that your music has lots of potential and I can tell it's the same band, there is a unifying 'feel' there, whether it comes from the tone, the production, or the writing I don't know. On that note, there is some messiness to the sound, but nothing that probably can't be sorted out in the production side of things. Are you the only person in the band? If so I would suggest finding some people with similar musical vision/taste to collaborate with, but that's entirely up to you. Finally, I recommend cutting the length of Echoes down a minute or two. I understand the need for a slow build-up, but it feels like too much time is wasted around the beginning.

Hope some of that helps, keep it up!
Yeah its just me, I would love to collabarate or find others to work with, especially with someone with more production talent, i agree its very messy. Most things are done in one take and im awful at production hehe. Lot improvisation and audacity isnt all to good. (there seems to be a delay when recording tracks) Thanks for the comments all taken on board! That version of Echoes was done very quickly (hence 'draft'). I will get a tighter version up when i get the time.

Dan - Last Romantic
This stuff is the cat's meow! Reminds me a bit of Portugal. The Man's "It's Complicated Being A Wizard" You should check it out if you've never heard it. It would call the genre hard ambient or post-ambient or something among the likes of that.
#19 - Real version of Echoes Stir is now up.

Also a cleaner mix of find your machine. Add me to friends etc, I want to spread the word because my debut EP - Find Your Machine will be released soon.

There is 1 more track yet to come for this album, and better mixes of all original songs.

If you still havent listened, give it a try! Please Criticise, even if its only on volume levels etc, i need all the info i can get.


Dan - Last Romantic.
yeah, the only home recording that i've done myself was with audacity, and i noticed the delay of which you speak. made it a royal pain in the ass to sync different tracks.
Sometimes its ok and its not, I never used to have it on my old comp, I've tried 2 soundcards and it is still there.
However I'm currently uploading new mixes to which are hopefully a lot better. (I don't want to have to re-record the whole thing!)
Have to say something about the mixing/mastering. Too muddy and way too much bass. Otherwise pretty good.
Good news. I've got a dedicated Producer/Mixer! Dream Pin if any of you know him!

Also hopefully some session musicians (Real Bass?! Shock horror!), we're going to record this EP in person luckily Dream Pin lives close by, and it will be one hell of a lot better. As we are going to re-record, i'm open to any suggestions regarding song lengths variation etc, as although keeping the same 'feel' I'm hoping to make things a little more interesting when we do things properly!

Seeing as I have spent roughly an hour on each song so far, I think a few months of production is going to help considerably.

I'll also be looking at artwork for banners, sleeves etc, so if you have anything that you feel fits with the style of music, please let me know!

Thanks for listening all!

Dan - Last Romantic

Check me out at if you haven't already and let me have some real critiscm so i can make this as good as possible.
Thanks for the kind words JakeTerminate.

I am looking really for critiscm on the songs themselves, eg. Echoes is obviously meant to be slow and dreamy, but does it drag just too much for example? Criticsm on production quality isnt so much of a concern anymore thankfully, as that should be all sorted out, but i want to make this as good as possible when i re-record all this stuff properly.

If you have just arrived to the thread, click the link in my sig... Hope you enjoy.
Hello all.

A new track is up at (or click link in sig)

Basically, i'm running a few ideas past you all, i will be over the next week or so, for songs to go on the EP. All these songs are drafts and not the finished thing, however it will hopefully give you a taste of what Last Romantic is all about.

What i would ideally like to know... Does this fit in with the rest of the tracks on the page, is the content of the song ok (ignore the mixing) Is it too boring etc, too long, these sorts of things. All other tracks on the site are up for the same criticsm, so let rip.

The track called 'Orion'.

In other news, I'm due my second recording session this week, i have even more musicians lined up for sessions, and a drum programmer! None of the current recordings feature anyone but myself, we're saving all the really good stuff for an EP release

If you havent already checked me out please do, Crit 4 Crit guys.
Ok Double Bumpage. So i've recorded another track already, i'm in a creative mood - The mix on this one is ok, its called 'Test Their Water' - Give it a spin. Thats a couple songs from scratch in few hours.

C4C Let me know what you think!

Triple Bump New Song Extravaganza.

I've done another song. - This Is Last Romantic. Make sure you have a sub for this one, as its all about the bass.

You probably think i'm just bumping when i'm uploading but no, i've actually written, recorded and uploaded 3 songs tonight. Does that make them bad? - You be the judge.

As Always Crit 4 Crit, any constructive comments on any of my tracks?
Spiders is really cool but you need a bass in it, the low frequencies sound empty, makes the music sound hollow.

I loved the tracks in general, they're really kick ass, as for a genre... Industrial Lounge Rock
Yeah i'm in the process of re-recording all of these tracks with a mixer and real bassists etc but all of the ones on there are just me, with my crap mixing skills so you'll have to forgive me for that one

The newer ones are a lot better mix wise as i've learnt a little bit more about eq'ing etc recently. Spiders is everyones fav it seems anyway so when i come to re-record it it'll be extra special.

Glad you enjoyed the music tho.
Ok i'm uploading a new mix/re-imagining of 'Find Your Machine',

Ok i have most of the songs in a state that i am happy with, 'Spiders' could be a bit heavier but hey, its a little better now than it was last night. The mixes will be a lot better when i re-record with my producer.

But for now tell me what you think of the song itself. Please check other songs and let me know what you think of them also. Crit 4 Crit!

Ok another track is being uploaded now to

This is without a doubt the best track i've done, so give it a listen. how did it sound on everyones speakers? - Too much bass? i don't know.

Any criticsm welcome.

The Track is called 'The Funcky Masters Of Mushrooms'
I've just uploaded a waay better mix. Has anyone got anything to say about it? - Come on, i think it sounds good so you have to let me know what is wrong with it otherwise i'll never improve!

So i started playing around with different textures and sounds, and decided that i've found my sound. After 'Funcky Masters Of Mushrooms', I've uncovered something much better than my previous attempts at the 'original sound'. So, without further hesitation.

Another new track has been posted. Called 'They Feed' Please give it a listen. I will crit if you crit me.

Thanks all!

Decided to clean the mixes some more, i've uploaded the EP here :

Find Your Machine EP

1. They Feed
2. The Funcky Masters Of Mushrooms
3. This Is
4. Spiders
5. Test Their Water
6. Orion
7. Find Your Machine

The quality is much better, myspace rapes my music because you need a lot fidelity when theres so much going on.
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