So, I've posted 2 lessons on Friday but they still aren't denied or accepted, how long will this take?
I know they don't work in the weekends, but they do at Friday and Monday (right?)
And I've also posted a tab on that same Friday, also not even looked at (I think)
When can I expect it to be denied/looked at??
Thanks in advance ;-)
You don't have to hold the door open for me
I can do that myself
It can take a VERY long time for lessons to be approved. My lesson was approved after 9 months... Here's why.

The tab approval system allows users to vote for tabs, so that they can all be reviewed very quickly. Normally, a tab should be approved in one or a few (week)days.
Lessons and articles, however, take a lot more time to approve, because one single guy on the UG Team has to read them all through and approve them. There's a whole lot of lessons being submitted, it's just too much for UG Team to handle... So that's why it can take a very long time.

Conclusion: don't count on your lesson being approved in the next couple of weeks. Don't be surprised if it takes months, either. Just don't worry that your lesson never gets looked at, though, because it does!
Ok, thank you both for helping me.
Then I'll just wait :-)
How can you then vote on other people's tabs?
You don't have to hold the door open for me
I can do that myself
hey how do we request for a tab we want? cuz i reali like attack(acoustic) by 30 seconds to mars.. but there is no tab 4 it..