so i have 3 bass cabs right now. and none of them are really doing what i want. i'm trying to decide if i should sell them and buy a new one or put new speakers in one of them.

I have a carvin 2x10, a carvin 18" sub, and some old peavey 2x15. i kind of want to buy a carvin 8x10 or just put new speakers in the peavey.

What genre? The 8x10 will have more "growl" the 15"s are just raw bass... they can be EQ'd to have the same "growl" but it's just not quite what you'd get from an 8x10.

I'm not sure on the pricing for bass speakers, but unless it's a really cheap 8x10, or really expensive speakers you could up either paying the same for one or the other, or far more... does that make sense? It's late.
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mostly metal. but yeah that makes sense. i have a 9 band eq and i'm getting a sonic maximizer pretty soon so that will help things too. i just hate having so much low end that its kind of hard to sometimes hear distinctive notes on a low c string haha.
Yeah the 10" would probably be a better choice for you. Do you think you could get into like Guitar Center and try out the cabs there to see which you like more? Or have you though about doing like a 1x15+4x10 stack?
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There are no genres in metal that end with "core."
well there are no guitar centers where i live except for like 2 hours away which is in las vegas but i play on stage on a semi regular basis and it sucks having to lug 2 cabs around. thats what i was thinking too though. the 810.
Well honestly an 8x10 is like 5' tall. What I would do is find the speakers you want and make sure the impedance would work out on them, then run the pricing on it.

As far as getting an 8x10 same deal look at cost+shipping and go with what is better to you.

Unless you find a used 8x10... 'cause if you're going new on speakers/whole cabinet you will have a break-in period on the speakers where they don't sound up to par.
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There are no genres in metal that end with "core."