So I just got my Rockerverb 50 Combo. F*** YEAHA! I know there the ultimate settings thread or whatever, but can you guys help me dial in some tones specifically form my Orange. Lets say some Hendrix, GnR, Jack White, and anything else cool. Thanks! K.
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nice man! congratulations

i would suggest putting your eq knobs to 12 o clock and start fiddling from there.

a good slash tone would be to boost up the mids, have the bass be at 7 or so, and roll off the treble.
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Gain 10
Bass 10
Mid 0
Treble 10

...And it'll still sound good. Try if you don't believe me. Anyway here's the EQ on my Rocker 30 (damn you for getting its big brother with the fx loop and reverb and everything!)

Bass 7
Mids 9
Treb 5.5
Gain 8