I'm looking for a new guitar and I found this one: http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/shop/flypage/product_id/8611

I wanted to know if someone has tried it and if you could give some advice about similar starter guitars it would be great. I laso wanna ask about dolhpin music, because it has wonderful prices but I don't know if support is bull****... I've heard very good things about this guitar as "the best guitar in the world under 500 S by Acoustic Guitar Magazine". I also will add this video on youtube to show you how it sounds the D10SCE, it's not the deluxe which has gold tuners and rosewood in both sides and it's more bassy, with a better preamp too but it's probably near the sound of the deluxe:
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To the poster of this thread: It's not a bad starter guitar. I hear good things about Washburn Acoustics, but make sure you're gonna stick with it before going all out on an amp.
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