Well I have a couple of gigs in January, and they will be my first. I was wondering, does your back have to be perfectly straight when singing. They're country music gigs with an acoustic so I won't have the guitar down past my waist. Also, any tips for performing on stage and overcoming nervousness if it happens to me?

Your back doesnt have to be perfectly straight, but I do advice you to keep it as straight as possible, as it's better for your breathing which means better for your voice. About the nervousness.. I think every musician has it. Even if you had quite a lot of gigs you will still be nervous before going on. I don't have any perticular 'remedy' for that, just just keep yourself filled with positive energy, and once you'll go on stage you will find the nervousness is gone and you're enjoying yourself.

Good luck
Having perfect posture will help with all aspects of your playing. Your guitar playing will be better, your singing voice will be better, and to be honest, you'll look better and more confident.
Nervousness happens to just about everyone except for people who have done a lot of gigs. As Buske6000 said, just get positive energy. Its what I do in my piano concerts, and it seems to go well.
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