what's the easiest way to learn all the notes and where they are on a guitar?
Once you learn a note name, just figure out where the octaves for that note are. This comes with time, I know the names of all the notes on a fretboard but it doesn't always come to me off the top of my head. I've also seen a fretboard diagram that has all the notes named on it.
Yeah, he has a good point there. Once I saw this exercise where you pick a note a day, or something, and figure out where all you can play this note on the guitar. I forget where I got that exercise from but eitherway, it's probably one of the best ways I know of.
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Basically, learn the patterns that connect notes and you won't just learn the notes but useful patterns as well. (and these patterns make learning the whole fretboard approximately 3 times easier. )
The notes are A, A#, B, C, C#, D#, E, F, F#, G, and G#.

The strings follow that pattern, they just all start on a different note. For example, for the notes on the E string, you would start with E and continue the pattern.
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