Does anyone know how to get better auditory/visual acuity? For my purpose, it will not be musical, so I put this in the pit...

My hearing is kinda going down the drain, cause of loud guitars and stuff, so I've started using earplugs, but I do wanna get back what's lost. What I've kinda lost is kinda negligible, but... yeah. Better health is better.

My friend recently got into an accident where he lost his sense of smell, but can now "hear quieter things". Now, I don't wanna get in an accident or lost any of my sense, but the fact that his sense of hearing was augmented is kinda uplifting.

I was thinking maybe if I wore earplugs for like a week or something, I'd be super sensitive. Kinda like how when you're in the dark for too long and you open your eyes you go like LOLOLOOL BRIGHT.

Another thing, my vision is already in a giant ****hole. It'll probably get to 1000 degrees (nearsighted, lawl) if I keep going at this computer 24/7 lifestlye. I think I'm probably at 800 (it's like 20/1000 or something like that) now. I'm thinking if I just stop wearing my glasses, or wear older prescription glasses, maybe I can get better little by little (but if it really were that simple, people would do that ). Well, I'm correctable to 20/20 at least.

Any hope for me (and other) almost deaf and half blind guys out there?
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yeah i was wondering the same thing some time ago... but i doubt the effect would last... a day maybe?
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Worth a try, but you'd have to take the earplugs out every 1-2 hours.
I doubt it'd work, you'll probably take them out at the end and think you can hear better, but if you continue to think that maybe something could happen? haha..
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