So I've been searching to find some good techs in London, because the previous owner of my guitar did not know how to take care of it.
I've found two really good options. I'd love to hear if people have any other techs they prefer, or if they have experience with either of these.

1: Graham Parker. He is a certified luthier (NAMIR), he makes custom guitars, he does all repairs, set ups, basically everything you ask him to. He repairs guitar to, which means he'll fix a fretboard problem I have.

2: Gutiar Aid. This guy is a total electronics engineer. I'm talking Tom Scholz right here. He'll do everything Parker will and will even put in a killswitch, which I've been wanting. Unfortunately, I don't know if he'll repair the fretboard problem I have.

I'm thinking of going to Guitar Aid. He seems to me to cost less, but still give high quality repairs. Also, both the fretboard problem I have and installing a killswitch I can do myself, I'd just prefer someone else to do it.

Help appreciated, thanks much.
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if the 2nd guy will do everything the 1st will, than he should be able to repair your fretboard..

or even better.... ask him if he could do it and tell him you'll take it to parker
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don't know about london but up here in leicester the only place to go is sheehan's on london road. they have an excellent tech (named bob) who has done set ups for me on three different guitars and solved a nasty neck alignment problem last time i went there.

aint that cheap, but you get what you pay for.
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So about how much is a good set up? (Strings, action and intonation)
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I'm not sure exactly how much a good setupd costs, but when I got my guitar a new nut, had the bridge bolted down, and slapped on some new strings, it cost 30 bucks
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So about how much is a good set up? (Strings, action and intonation)

it varies, a basic setup costs about £30.
I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes.
- Jimi Hendrix
feline is meant to be really good, i've never used them though.
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