why are my tubes glowing blue?

is it bad?

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it's no problem. some tubes glow blue. my tubes often have a little blue spot on them too.
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When the amp is running power amp tubes will be blue. When its in standby they will be orange.
I always thought that blue mean there was a leak in the tubes. Can't say I've looked at the back of my amp recently, but mine always glow orange.
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Q: "My tubes are glowing blue. Should I worry?"

A: No. Blue glow is perfectly normal. It's an artifact of operation of the tube. If the amp is otherwise working fine, relax and don't worry about it all.

Q: "Does the blue glow mean my tubes are 'gassy'?"

A: No. Gassy tubes are characterized by excessive grid currents and other poor performance characteristics. Extremely gassy tubes may glow with a pinkish cast throughout the entire tube. A faint blue glow on the glass, or inside the plate structure is completely normal. In fact tubes exhibiting this glow are frequently lower in residual gas.

Q: "My tubes glow blue when the standby switch is on, and stop glowing when it is off. Is something wrong?"

A: Tubes will usually glow blue when the tube is in operation with voltage applied. When you cut the standby switch off, this interrupts the voltage applied to the output tubes, and they stop glowing. If your amp has a problem and the sound cuts out, taking the glow with it, the problem is not caused by the glow. The glow interruption is merely a symptom of whatever is causing your amp to cut out in the first place

it's normal!
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