Tommorow is my BdaY!!
And i will get some money (250euros) and i have now 500. .=750 euros

I need MultiFx, but what of those i said before??
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POD X3 Live.

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Seeing as you are going to play through your PC speakers I suggest 2 things.

1. Get a modeller like the pod X3 this is nice for live work too however you should also checkout the software available to you so you should also checkout Amplitube, Peaveys revalver 3 and Natives Guitar Rig.

Many of these software solutions have demos so give them a google.

2) Get a decent set of full range monitor speakers, this is most important if the PC will be your primary amplification.
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^+1 Definatly get good monitors. And pod x3 live would be your best multifx choice i think
either get the X3 live, or get a good soundcard/recording interface + amplitube or revalver III or something

whichever you choose, get some nice computer monitors

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POD X3 Live.


Thats about right. Unless you are planning to go for those expensive rack units, the X3 is your best bet.