hi, three things i wanna ask here

one is why do Gibson explorers seem to cost so much?

two, are they good for shredding? cos when i tested one i hadnt been playing long so hadnt learnt.

an finally do epiphone do i white one because white explorers look sweet.

any other opinions on them would be help full. i play metal.
They cost a lot because they are Gibson guitars.

They are ok for shredding. Better than an LP certainly, but probably not as good as some other guitars designed for it. You would definitely be able to.

I don't understand your third one. Are there white Epiphones? To my knowledge there is a goth one (gray black or something), a Kornia one (kind of yellowish natural) and a black vintage looking one.
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1) Because they are Gibson.

2) I never tried it, but I guess yes because there are a lot of metal guitarists that play very fast solos on Explorers.

3) I'm not able to understand your question. According to your profile you are from UK, but your English seems worst than mine
Are you sure Metal doesn't play you? Were you deprived of oxygen at birth? You have the vocabulary of a Kindergartner. All of that aside, the make of the guitar doesn't really matter, its what you feel comfortable with, and of coarse what kind of hardware comes with the guitar. I can shred on my Strat with Duncan Hotrail PU's just as well as I can on my LTD EC1000 with active 81's. Guitars like Jackson, ESP, LTD, Schecter, and Ibanez have relatively thin necks which makes shredding easier. Dean's apparently are nice, but I've never played one, and judging by their appearance I'm in no rush. Hope this helps. Good Luck.
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man just go and google ESP LTD EX-400 and thats the only Explorer shaped metal guitar u will ever need. Its unbeleivable for speed!! its onli like 500 pounds but u can get the ESP model for about 1200 pounds...whichever one is in ur price range.
Ur welcome