I was thinking about getting the Sony Acid recording software. I have M-Audio session, and a lot of it's limitations (ie. unable to make dynamic changes in the track's volume while mixing, unable to have time/key/tempo changes) are bugging me now. Is Acid really an upgrade? is there other software <$100 i should be looking at?

Please dont say pro-tools. I agree, it is an amazing system, but I am not a professional recording engineer with $300 to drop on something I barely use.
I have used Acid for a long time and had never really had any problems with it. I do, however prefer Cubase with the Guitar Rig or Amplitube plugin.

As far as the ease of use and functionality, it has pretty much everything you will need as a lower end recording application.
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I'm thinking about Sony Acid too.

I am completely new to this. My old Tascam 424 died so now I'm thinking of getting me some good software for recording.

I notice that there are a lot of Sony Acid products.

Is this the one I'd be after? CyberLink PowerDirector 7 Deluxe...

I like the idea of mucking about with loops and things but to be honest I'd probably be using guitar, bass, keys, drums etc...

Is Acid much better than Audacity?

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in no particular order i use : logic 5.2; ableton; acid; sound forge; cool edit pro

all ofthese have pro's and cons. obviously the last 2 are just recording and mastering. ableton is a many faceted thing too. good for midi, audio, playing out (dj-ing), controlling video and lights, recording...
Thank you please.
I've been using ACID Pro since it first came out over a decade ago, and I still use it as a regular part of my process today. In my opinion, it's very capable in most aspects of recording and mixing, and has very smooth, intuitive, easy workflow.

As an aside, Sony Vegas Pro, which I also use daily, is actually based off the same intuitive interface as ACID.

I'd recommend it, and believe it would meet and exceed most people's needs. Though I would absolutely recommend going for the PRO version, as anything beneath that leaves out a lot of features that you will want/need down the line. Trust me on that.

Truth be told, I actually own and almost exclusively use Sony's entire line of recording software, and have been since most of them debuted, back when they were made by Sonic Foundry.