On the telecaster im building i have a few questions on the cavities im about to route out. These humbucking pickups plus they have a surround plate on them.

1) The overall depth is 20mm for the cavity is this right?

2)Also the ears on the pickup cavities (the little ends which the pole pieces go in) do these have to be routed deeper than the overall cavity?, ive seem on my les paul they are.

3) Finally in relation tot he neck and bridge cavity, how far does the neck pickup need to be away from the front of the neck and same for the bridge. Thanks alot

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The only reason to route the 'ears' deeper is if you're using really long height adjustment screws for the pickups, which is probably the case on your Les Paul.

As for pickup placement.. wherever you want them to be. I'd put the bridge pickup as close to the bridge as possible, then the neck pickup as close to the neck as possible. It depends what tone you're after though. A pickup close to the bridge will give you a treble-orientated tone, whereas a pickup close to the fingerboard will give you more bass and an overall warmer tone.