So I've just picked up my guitar and the volume knob is just spinning. The volume still goes up and down, but the knob is spinning and there's a rattling noise as it does so. I opened up the back and the inside part is spinning with is. Should it be fastened down or something? I'm useless with this stuff and it's really annoying. Thanks in advance.
Your thread title, while trying to be funny, felt too forced, and therefore failed.

EDIT: On topic though, yes if something is loose and making a noise, screw it in.

Take some pics so we know what you're talking about.
i for one lol'd at the topic title!

yeah try and fasten it, and indeed take pictures so we can see what it is
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Sorry about the bad quality image, (5 Mega pixels my ass) but that's how she looks inside. When I turn the knob the silver bit inside spins with it.
It sounds like the nut that hold it to the body loosened up. Don't keep spinning it or you'll break the wires. Pull the knob off get it back in the correct position and tighten the nut. If you can get some clear fingernail polish and put a tiny little drop on the threads at the nut and that should keep it from loosening up again replace the knob and you should be fine as long as you didn't short or break the wires.

I haven't broken any wires, I haven't spun them too far or anything. How does the knob come off, just yank it off or what?
Look to see if there is a set screw in the side of the knob. If not it will pull off fairly easy. Some companies use an allen set screw some use a slotted so you have to have the right tool to fit the set screw loosen that and the knob will slide off very easy. Be carefull when you pull it off do it as straight off as possibly so you don't chip or scratch the paint. Once you have it off you should notice why the pot is spinning and just give the nut a few twists and that should be that. If the nut and shaft of the pot are tight you might have a broken pot then you need to bring it to a repair shop.

Got it. My guitar's a Jackson RR24, it just has a single black volume knob so no worries about matching up the dial. It did need a ridiculously small screwdriver for the screw on the side. Once I got it off it was obvious the nut was loose. A lot easier than I expected. Thanks John, good as new!
Great! Glad you got it fixed and no other underlying problems arised like a broken pot or wires. Yeah I figured you would need a tiny screwdriver. I build, repair and rebuild guitars all the time so I have a ton of tools and i never realize most people don't.