Ive had a try at making some black metal, see what you think.

Constructive Criticism please and ill critique yours if you would be so kind as to critique mine, as long as you give me a link.

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i dont really know the genre, but ah well:

bar 8-9 dont connect right, sorta just cuts out, maybe let one of the guitars ring over the acoustic.

i like bar 12-14 riff, but once its on bar 15 the drums sort of ruin it

got a nice tempo change in there from bar 18 which fits in for the rest of the bars.

over all it is pretty good,
if you wanna crit mine, its in the sig. thanks.
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thanks ill have a look at yours in a moment.
what do you reckon i should change about the drumming in bar 15, drumming is my weakness im afraid.

You should check out black metal, not many people like it bt when done right its beautiful and the atmosphere is so sinister.
Let me just say, I'm a VERY big fan of black metal. It's possibly my favorite music genre. But, anyway, about your piece. It was decent. Very very generic though. For some reason throughout the entire song it felt like you stayed with the SAME exact chord in and out. I was liking it in the beginning, but everything was just a variation of the intro riff. This song has a lot of potential, but you just need to break away from the intro riff and add more riffs. Variation of riffs is good, don't think you can't do that, just don't do it as much. It tends to get repetitive after awhile. But, overall, this song definitely has some potential. 6/10

If you get a chance, you can check out one of my older songs, but it's also of the black metal genre. :-) https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=922209
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I'm not really familiar with black metal, but here goes

Nice intro but it gets repetitive after a while, and need some kind of transition into the next riff. I think it would sound amazing if you modified the acoustic part to fit the time sig and then kept it going in the background while one guitar plays the next riff, and then when everything comes in it would sound that much more bad ass. I tried it with the first two measures of the acoustic part then added an open e5 arpeggio then played another with the octave raised a half step and it sounded sweet. Nice transition into restatement of the intro.

Needs some work but you've got some serious potential here
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That was quite terrible....generic crap.... i could probably write that in like 5 minutes
I'm back.

I feel this song is too standard.
It's just goes through the motions without really achieving anything.
The repeating riffs get mundane way too quick as well.

If you wanna improve this song, you should add some subtle melodies. Maybe a solo, if you feel like it.
The drumming wasn't all that engaging either, so you may wanna spruce that up a bit too.

The problem is that is too clean cut. It doesn't have the fury, sorry, I mean grimness and kvlt status like all great black metal. Dodheimsgard would be good reference material, now that I think about it. Supervillain Outcast is an excellent album.

5/10, for not being grim, necro, and kvlt enough.
Fix this and make it troo!

If you'd liek to C4C, go into the Mein Comps link in my sig and check out Endemia.
Brand new song.
And although it isn't straight-forth black metal, it does have some black metal riffage.
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You should check out black metal, not many people like it bt when done right its beautiful and the atmosphere is so sinister.

The whole idea behind Black Metal is that it's not designed to be popular or ''beautiful'' as you said, it's made by autocratic musicians with little other to do than make music (such as myself). The music I make is dark and aggressive and is has anti-theisism all over it, just like first generation black metal (the best, no doubt there).

I cannot comment on this song 'cus I'm on a ****ty OS for the mo, but I don't suppose you've got this on your profile or something?
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ok well when i heard the intro i was allready bored with it but when those chords got heavyer i started to enjoy it more. the acoustic interlude at 15 is pretty cool. but i think you could bulid on it and bring in some strings and stuff. but i would say that being a prog rocker. haha. the riff at 2 1is nothing speical, sorry to bo so brutal about it but it just didnt move me. lol. the riff where it slows down is a very good transition. the ending is rubbish. im sure u can think of a better way to end it. this is a cool piece of music but you could add alot more to it and expand on some of the ideas that you have. keep it up.


it would be cool if you could take a look at my new one.

Cheers Ben
Thanks everyone who critted, i will try and crit back.
@decayingdave, please dont bother explaining to me what black metal is, i know what it is. Beauty is subjective, maybe the artists didnt mean it to beautiful but i find it beautiful. If you've ever heard bands such as angantyr, limbonic art or amesoeurs im sure you will find some beauty in their music. the same goes for drudkh and negura bunget.

Just some advice
I thought the intro was just bland and boring at best. It was kinda a drag to listen to. I did like the black metal part in bar 6 - 9 it was very in your face. I think that the e powerchord should of been prolonged a bit at bar 15 because it just doesn't sound right without doing so. I really to love the drums when the riffs kick in btw. To tell you the truth, the song overall just feels that it isn't finished.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1087417 C4C?
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Alright thx the arsis. ill try and crit yours.

Please take a look at the new version here:


Seriously, your songs new version is basically two parts dragged on. Try to put more creativity in it and add more to it because all you do is just use different variation of the same thing. It just comes off lazy and when the songwriter it lazy, the piece suffers. To tell you the truth, I didn't like the electric guitars part on the acoustic part because you didn't use it properly in my opinion and it just didn't sound good.
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