hi every1, i really need some good tabs for 3 guitars, we're doing a project with two bands and we have 3 guitarists, 1 bass, 2 vocals, and drumer, by now we only have 2 songs to play and we want to do a gig by february and we need some more songs to play.
SO if anyone knows any good songs plese write em down

oh by the way 2 songs were playing are by avenged sevenfold so we dont want any more of them

Iron Maiden!

Dance of death:
dance of death, the journeyman (acoustic), the rain maker, face in the sand, the age of innocence.

Brave new world:
The whicker man, blood brothers, the nomad

that is all i can think of at the moment.
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What sort of music are you into performing?

Some Journey songs have 3 Guitar-Layered tracks.
Hawthorne Heights 'DID' have a 3rd Guitarist before he passed away.
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Hopesfall ahs two that i know of, but a buddy claims that they use three guitars.....i dont really know, so as such I cannot refute it.

Theres always skynyrd
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster have 3 guitar players, but his vocals are really gritty and dirty, and would be hard to do. Altho Tough as John Jacobs does have two vocal parts, so try that one.
I think Bad Religion has 3 guitarists for their last 3 or so albums. Also, Tom Petty.

Good stuff IMO.
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Iron Maiden!

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okay lets start:

1201ZJ -were thinking of puting our stuf into sonngs but only one guitarist with us has the skill to do that(he's the only one whos sounds right when improvising, rest of as are pretty much copycats xD), so were still thinking, and there are songs ffoor 3 guitars

me_llamo_juan - nah i think skynerd would not fit us...

crimson moon - thanks i'll look at those

Kingyem0c0re - were into some alternative metal WITHOUT grawling

PS all other posts are much the same and my keyboard are starting to piss me of (I've already edited thhis post for like 6 times so i wont reply these now) anyway thanx
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