Changing up my rig with the new year so sadly this amp has to go to afford some new toys.
specs are:
1971 Fender twin reverb silverface non-master volume
has weber californian speakers (i do not have the originals i never did) these are based on the jbl d120's which came stock in some of the 70's twins.
Has new filter caps as of last year (i believe they are sprague caps)
JJ power tubes and a mix of tung sol, jj and jan phillips preamp tubes all new as of last year.
fully functional and tone for days, reverb and vibrato work.

cosmetically the amp is probably a 6/10 it's got some bumps and bruises but it still has the original tolex and the original grill cloth.
it is missing the original back panels, and the original wheels. both of which can be obtained for little money on ebay, or the many part stores online.

As well the twin comes with a professional case by brady cases out of ipswich mass. brand new this case goes for $350.

I'm looking for $1100 or best reasonable offer.
(shipping should be about 75 or so)
message me if interested