A few months ago I made a song entirely in Fruity Loops. Last night I was bored and tried adding a little guitar and a solo to it for fun. I can't decide if it makes it sound better or just junks it up though. There are a few mistakes in it since it was done kinda quickly, but any comments/criticism would be great. C4C of course. Thanks.

It's FL2 with guitar in my profile.
The original without guitar is just FL 2.


I'd put some more reverb on the piano in the beginning

and make the guitar stand out more!

it kinda got embedded in everything else, I had to listen really carefully to separate it from te other tracks

other than that;
You like it
That was actually really good, I wasn't expecting it. I'm unsure about the guitar. It doesn't "junk it up" necessarily, but I don't know if it adds anything either. It could probably survive without it, but it wouldn't hurt if you left it in.

I really liked the song as a whole, though!
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ohh yes fruity loops, great time waster when your bored. This track is actually really good, nice variation. The Guitar solo worked, the tone was perfect for the song, but imo it took too long for it to come in. I mean i was just waiting anticipating the big lead tone to come in. And it really was exactly what i expected but i think you could of used more of it, so contrary of the guy above, i'd like a little more guitar, except a little more planned out. I think then, it would sound great.


also check the vid in the sig if you want
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Thanks a lot for the comments. I'm redo'ing the guitar in it with it playing a bigger role and the solo being longer. I'll repost it once I'm done. I commented on everyone's c4c in their thread, they all sounded great. Thanks again.