Guitar Kenny Hill La Curva: the perfect combination of a refined classical concert guitar and a crossover one.($,2000)

Concert guitar made by World-wide famous guitar maker Kenny Hill, La Curva Guitar is the perfect combination of a refined classical concert guitar and a crossover one.
La Curva is an excellent, concert grade, hand made nylon string guitar, featuring a narrower neck and cutaway.
Built in the classic style of Herman Hauser I, this model guitar has excellent clarity, projection, and beauty of sound.
The classic body shape makes it a very friendly guitar to handle and a very comfortable instrument to play.
They are wonderful for players who need extra access to the highest notes on the fingerboard; flamenco players who capo up higher, bossa nova and jazz players - anyone who wants the advantage and styling of a beautiful, concert-quality cutaway.
Most steel string players have never played a truly fine nylon string guitar, or if they have, the width of the classical neck can be uncomfortable for a non-classical player.
The beauty of nylon strings is in the tone colors they produce,
and the light weight construction and finesse of building bring these colors out.

Sound board: Englemann spruce
Back & sides: Indian rosewood
Neck: Spanish cedar
Fingerboard: ebony
String length: 650mm
Tuners: Schaller

Kenny Hill is a widely recognized name in the world of
classical guitars. He operates a shop in Felton California were he builds
a catalog of several different styles and models.
Track of Jazz Guitarist Roy Patterson (roypatterson.com) playing La Curva:
Video Classical Guitarist Philippe Bertaud playing La Curva in Villa Lobos DVD

More Pictures: