red clay is one of the best compositions ever. so funky, so jazzy and the solo changes are so great.
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Just this past Saturday I was listening to Red Clay. The live version on the reissue is stunning, and I mean STUNNING. Freddie's opening solo kills, every note is chosen perfectly and he tears it up, building up an electrifying energy. After a great sax solo George Benson plays one of the finest guitar solos I have ever heard period. He was obviously feeling it that night, probably driven by Hubbard's superb work. Then after a Hancock organ solo Freddie Hubbard plays another trumpet solo to the tail progression which is hilarious! It's the perfect way to unwind after the unrelenting soloing over the middle progression. If you're wondering how a trumpet solo can be hilarious, you have to listen! Freddie does it!

Ahhh, I'm rambling now... Ready for Freddie and Open Sesame are also fantastic. Don't forget his work on The Blues and the Abstract Truth, Free Jazz, Maiden Voyage, Speak No Evil, Out to Lunch... we lost a legend yesterday.
Can't say much about the rest of his work, but I really dig Sing Me a Song of Songmy. That stuff is just out there.
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R.I.P, true legend of the instrument, his work that I've heard is stunning. Hadn't heard about this news until now, very sad.

only heard just now as i only just got the internet back, what a sad thing to see first coming back to UG. R.I.P Freddie
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hmm i was looking at his discography and he has an album that Ian Underwood is featured on....i dont know if anyone knows who he is, but he was the Sax and Keyboard player for Frank Zappa from 69-74...really good musician, so im gonna check that album out. Liquid Love, anyone ever heard or recommend it?
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Not sure if anybody has heard Oliver Nelson - The Blues And The Abstract Truth, but Hubbard plays on it, and it has to be some of the best trumpet playing I've ever heard.

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