I'm recording some cover songs with my video camera. Problem is that I can't get them to windows movie maker because of the file form. They're saved as MPEG-files and seems that they cannot be changed to any other file forms. Everytime I try to open a file in windows movie maker a box appers on my screen and says that movie maker doesn't support this type file form.

Is there any other video editing program I can get for free or is there away to change the file form, I tried almost everything but nothing seemed to work on that.

any help is really appreciated!
Windows Movie Maker.
There's your problem.

Try Avid.
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Quote by Vauxite
Windows Movie Maker.
There's your problem.

Try Avid.

+1 Windows Movie Maker = Waste of time.
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If you want to stick with WMM (which I discourage, and I cant suggest others because I use Sony Vegas which is a huge step up) get Riverpast Video Cleaner to convert into WMV format
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