Decided to fill everyone in on the transparency mod I did to my Bad Monkey since I have gotten quite a few requests for it lately. So heres my "Not So Ripe Banana" mod

As you can see modding a bad monkey can be a pain, because pretty much everything is surface mount. But there is a few things you can do to enhance it.

Ok now for the mods...

You can change C5 (.047uf) to a .1uf(mids cut) or .15uf(more mids cut) More cut equals more transparency. Since its a Tubescreamer clone as you know it has a slight mid hump this mod takes that out of the picture. Digitech did a good job of removing most of it but this takes it the rest of the way.

To this...

Also you can change out C11 (22uf) to a 1uf if you would like to increase the bass on the pedal. I found the pedal to have plenty of bass on tap in the first place so I just left it alone.

And lastly for cosmetic purposes I thought a yellow led looked alot better in the already green and yellow pedal I slapped in a yellow led. Plus it reminds me of a not so ripe banana

Hope yall enjoy the info. Its a quick easy mod and works great especially if you are using it as a clean boost..

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Cool man, will probably end up doing this to mine.

PS: We miss you over at the VK thread :'[

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Quote by gtr_101
Cool man, will probably end up doing this to mine.

PS: We miss you over at the VK thread :'[

And I miss yall as well
But dont worry I still keep up with the thread on a daily basis and help straglers find there way over to it. But I do need to stop in there more often..
The VK players will probably eventually join into the higher priced Peavey Amp leagues. I know I'm eventually going to get a 6505+ Quarter Stack. (What I call a head + 2x12)
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I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
DUDE! Just did this to mine (changed c5 to the .1 uf) AND OMG!

It's such a simple mod but does so much, i cant thank you enough ibanez!

So much better response, ah i love it!

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hey, i know this is an old thread, but i thought there is no point in starting a new thread when there is an older one

if there any suggestions for a way to improve the bad monkey's bypass filter so it sucks less tone?
and also, would it be wise to mod it to increase the mid boost, so it's more tube screamer like? as i would like a bit more mids, if so what capacitor would i want in C5?
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If you want better power filtering, you can change C33 to a slightly larger value Low ESR electrolytic capacitor. This is handy if there are unwanted bits of noise in your signal while using an unregulated power supply with the Bad Monkey.