How do I create an Avatar and put it on my profile? Also how do I change the "registered user" status to my own slogan? Thanks a lot!
Well this is the right place to post it! Up above your post it says "Control Panel" you'll find it there
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creating ij just like creating any other picture. placing, control panel, right above you
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You can use any picture you want as an avatar, BUT it has to be 50x50 pixels or smaller, and 19.5KB in filesize or smaller. If you found or made such a picture, you do this:
Go to Control Panel (upper-left), go to Edit Avatar, scroll down to Custom Avatar, select the file of the picture, and click "Save Changes".

To change your "user title" (your "slogan" as you called it), just go to Control Panel, then to Edit Profile, and then type in your "slogan" under "Custom User Title".

If you have any more questions, the New Members FAQ will answer them for you:
New Members FAQ