I'm just wondering what the easiest way to learn scales is because I have always had difficulties with them ever since I started guitar and with my experience it's actually kinda embarassing not knowing scales lol.

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Learn scales, as in fingerings? Formulae? Ways to make music with them? I would start by learning a fingering for the major scale and then learning as much about it as possible while learning to expand it across the fretboard. Try the theory links in my sig for halp.
Learn the Major scale first. That's just something you need to memorise. Learn the finger positions and notes in one key.

Then, take the same key, and shove it up an octave: you now have it in 3 positions (the original position, 12 frets higher, and with the root on the D string instead of the low E). Now figure out the notes, and use your knowledge to fill in the gaps between the positions to cover the whole fretboard.

Now play the same scale, only using each note as a root, and you've got yourself 7 inversions, or modes, of the major scale.

That's how I learnt the 7 fundamental modes. It's easier than it seems.

Then move onto memorising harder stuff, like Harmonic Minor scales, and apply the same thing.
Learning music and all of the complexities involved in creating music, such as learning the scales, can be achieved in two ways. The first way is to have a lot of musical experience playing an instrument or several instruments. And by "a lot" i mean like at least 6 years. The other way is to find a music theory class. It will work wonders.