Yo, this is a song called Naagin The Lady Cobra by a band called Decibel from India. It's been causing a serious stir since it got out a while back.. It's a really good song with some pretty awsome tapping.. There's a whole lotta stuff behind the song.. In India, Cobras are called Naagins. There's alotta snake charmers in some of the backward cities of India. The lead of the song is based upon what the charmers play on this weird wind instrument to get the snakes out of a box.. It's totally insane. I really wanted to play it, but no tabs around Could anyone tab it out? Quite a bit to ask, but I aint good enough to do it myself

Here's a fan made video (absolute ****, but the best one around.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g_i0D1QBqs&feature=related
I don't expect everyone that views this to actually tab it out, but what do you guys think of the song?
Hey, thanks for the link man.. But that tab is totally incomplete. A friend of mine plays it note by note, I'm gonna try an post a tab.