hey guys, I have this Epiphone les paul standard (black with cream plastics and chrome hardware) and the headstock broke off, but i glued it back on, and is now safe. But since I got a better one now I've decided I'm gonna do some stuff to it. (when I say do some stuff, I dont mean put stickers on it.)

Heres my plan, was wondering if you could give me a rough estimate on the chance of it working and prices etc.

-Sanding down the paint to a natural finish
-Ripping out the neck pup and covering up with something (not another pick up)
-Ripping out the tone and vol pots(?)/knobs and covering it over so I'm left with the one bridge volume and maybe the tone,
-taking out the toggle and covering it up.

So I should be left with some kind of monstrosety that is like a TD-333. on a les paul.
It's do able. It should only cost you as much as materials, which I assume would be some kind of wood to fill in the holes, sandpaper of varying grits, woodfiller/epoxy, and paint. If I had to venture a guess at price, I'd say around $30, maybe more depending on the quality/quantitiy of materials and what type of paint you use.

Edit: If it's a flat top guitar you could also just skip the woodfilling stuff and buy some pickguard material and do it up like a LP junior.
:O that's genius Ill have it natural with dark brown/red or black racing stripes like the Tom Delonge sig

If I could I'd have a darker wood as the stripes, but that would probably involve cutting up the body and contouring that would aswell.

When I sand this down, how hard is it to not f*** up the contour? Am I gonna have to use sand paper or could I use the big motorized sander at school? I'm really quite scared about doing the sanding. And what do I do about the binding when sanding the sides? I haven't got much experience with sanding you see.
Im not sure if that'll matter too much though cause ive got to put one of those black plastic covers over the gap where the truss rod is I think. So that will cover most of it, the grain difference doesn't matter too much though.
Just had a sudden thought of turning the toggle switch into a kill switch kinda thing, cause it'll be disconnected from the rhythm so it'll just cut the sound. But I'll just by a silver toggle with not tip or surround for less of the standard Les Paul look.