i wanna buy my lil bro his first acoutsic. my budget is almost 150$, any suggestions???
Yamaha F335 by far. Sounds great, plays great and, is built tough as nails!
Breedlove Atlas AC25/SR Plus
Breedlove Atlas Stage J350/EF
Yamaha F335
Alvarez Md 60
Gibson les paul
Fender twin reverb
Genz Benz 150LT.
Egnater Rebel 30 1 x 12
I'd agree with the Yamaha but for a comparison, look at the Cort Earth 70 series. It might be priced to get you a half decent case as well, though both of these run way over budget at European prices..
people i need some more suggestions, anyone ever heard of pyramid guitars... the salesman claim they are made in germany out of good quality mahogony wood, anyone evey played one of those or even heard of them
Do not buy Dean acoustic. That is all I have to say.

Go Yamaha or Seagull. They have great lower end guitars. I wouldn't even recommend buying an acoustic electric at a $150 budget because most of that money is going towards the pickup, not the guitar.

Go for an acoustic that sounds good unplugged that is either Seagull or Yamaha.

Yamaha F335 would be your best bet.