I recently bought a DSL 401 1x12. it sounds alright. but a bit thin especially on OD1, unless its really cranked on the master volume. granted a play a strat but it has SD 59 in the bridge. would running this amp through an extenesion cab really beef the tone up? perhaps a 2x12 with greenbacks. or even a 4x10 or 12. ? any other ways to make it a little beefier sounding.. such as switching tubes or anything?

thanks for any input.
Changing the speakers could help, and also using an OD pedal to boost the OD channel works great.
yeah i use a a boss eq pedal to boost it overall in the parallel loop and a tube screamer as well. but ive been checkin youtube clips and it just sounds much more full and more punchy through a 4x12.. but its too big so i was wondering if a nice 2x12 would still sound significantly better than stock,