Does anyone know where to get the t-shirts in the show that Roy wears, ive been hunting them down but cant seem to find them.

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they're american, so paying for shipping and the time it takes for them to be delivered may take too long (it was too expensive for me to justify buying some of their t-shirts).
Snorg T-Shirts might have them fo the mage one go to 8 bit theater.


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Make one. I make pretty much every tshirt I own.
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google the slogans eg. "the sun is trying to kill me t-shirt". etc. they come up quite easy
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most department stores sell shirts like those. at least here in the states anyway. all of the wannabe "rocker" 13 year old kids were them. they think they are cool.
You can probably go to a t-shirt custom website, select your size and colour and then your text you want on, even a picture. Try that, it might save you some cost.
you obviously searched really hard. jinx.com is the first result when googling "the sun is trying to kill me tshirt". fail.
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