alright UG here's my dilemma. i have been playing guitar for a little over a year now and i play a epiphone les paul custom through a 15W Line 6 Spider III but i need change. i play mostly metal but i do like to play blues and jazz music. i would like to get a new tube amp or sell my guitar and buy a gibson les paul studio?
New amp, definitely.
If you have enough dough, buy new pickups, but other than that, the Epi LP Custom is a fine guitar.
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New amp, definitely.
If you have enough dough, buy new pickups, but other than that, the Epi LP Custom is a fine guitar.

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Dont buy a gibson studio.
Get a new amp.

Go to the guitar gear and accessories and post a thread about a new amp and you will probably be recommened a peavey 5150/6505. Also try out Bugera if you can. Also B-52 amps. Maybe a Valveking? Try em out

Whats your budget?
How much blues and jazz do you play?
i'd be willing to pay $500-600 for an amp and upgraded pickups would be nothing.

i was looking at amps and someone pointed me in the direction of a peavy valveking, vox valvetronix, or a roland.
Are you going for a Bigger combo, a halfstack or just a better sounding small amp? If half stack then maybe the Peavey Valveking or maybe the roland... (never played any rolands), the Vox Valvetronix (AD##VT) series are nice (got me a combo) It might lack a bit of gain, depeding on how far into metal you go, and how much gain you want. It was enough for me but the heaviest sound i needed was for an Avenged Sevenfold sound, or Its About time by Van Halen. But it would be very capable of jazz and blues sounds. Vox also has a heavyer gain sounding amp its there AD##VT XL series which is more gainy but still has some clean sounds, but if your planning halfstack there is no ADVT XL halfstack, but they do have an AD##VT halfstack. The peaveys got the gain, but will it have the clean? well if you do upgrade you neck pickup it probably can, or you can just use your volume knob on the neck pickup. I dont think alot of the Randalls are tube, but i imagine they are definatly gainy enough for metal. Since you mentioned you wanted a tube amp i think the Peavey is the way to go. The vox next on the list as it is a Hybrid (1 tube/digital). The Randalls i dont think the ones your looking at are, but ive never played one... so yah... good luck tho.
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If you want to upgrade to a nice tube amp I just tried the Peavey Windsor 100w half stack ($499.99 at MF)a couple days ago at my local GC and IMHO it's just as good as a Marshall JCM800 amp that is 6 times the price. I went back and forth from the Windsor to the JCM800 half stack and back several times, the Peavey stood right up to it. They wouldn't let me wheel the Marshall over to the Peavy so I didn't have to go over two isles to keep comparing them I would have liked to have them right next to each other.

GC has them priced higher but they have a price matching policy so I am sure they can give you the same deal after all Musicians Friend and Guitar Center are sister companies.

I would say an amp but I wouldn't buy the Gibson.
Get some raw humbuckers and slap 'em on your kit.