Now before I start yes I know fine well that the Thunderbird is a much hated instrument here, but I'd like you to put that hate to one side for a minute and help me.

Basically I'd like people to list everything that they find wrong with the bass, and any solutions that they personally think might work, be it moving strap buttons, completely changing electronics, weight, headstock shape, neck, woods etc.

Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
It's neck heavy.

Poor upper fret access.
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I've heard there's a guide out there on where to move the strap buttons to eliminate neck dive. When I played one, my main issue was the sound, I think new pickups would do it wonders.
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I'm closing this thread with the following suggestion. Read the thread above (The only Gibson/Epi Thunderbird thread) and if you still don't have your answers, post in that thread.